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May 31, 2009

All Aren't Happy With Health Insurance For All (NPR) Requiring

All Aren't Happy With Health Insurance For All (NPR)
Requiring all Americans to have health insurance is one of the proposals now being considered in Washington, D.C. Massachusetts already requires its residents to be insured, but people aren't always able to afford a policy, even when the state helps out.

ON THE MONEY: Exercise care when changing insurance policies (Arizona Daily Star)
It's ironic. Insurance is supposed to make you feel safe. Whether you buy life insurance, annuities, disability or long-term-care insurance, the idea is to remove the threat of some nasty surprise hurting you or your family at some point in the future.

Her life insurance was a good idea she may no longer need (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
QDo I still need life insurance? I am a 51-year-old single woman whose two daughters have gotten their college degrees and are working and living on their own.
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